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Eles possuem servidores em 30 países. 82% dos comentários de usuários que usaram os serviços da Trust.Zone são positivos.
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Trust.Zone VPN: Ela é realmente a VPN em que você pode confiar?

Além de várias outras ameaças online, ser monitorado e rastreado por seu próprio provedor de internet é agora um dos principais problemas enfrentados pela maioria dos usuários da internet. Isso resultou em um aumento no uso de Redes Virtuais Privadas (VPNs), e a Trust.Zone é um desses provedores que estamos prestes a avaliar.

Com sede em Seychelles, na África Oriental, a Trust.Zone é uma das prestadoras de serviços de VPN relativamente novas que parece ter reunido avaiações mistas de usuários e especialistas em diferentes aspectos. Eles se anunciam como “em quem se pode confiar!”, mas será que isso é verdade?

Avi Ilinsky

User Comments

Compared to other VPNs that I have used in the past, I found it to have great speed. I believe it is because Trust.Zone has around 127 servers located across 79 regions around the world. It is very encouraging.
Trust.Zone VPN does not offer the kill switch option. As far privacy is concerned in the modern world, a kill switch is a must for every VPN company. This is just a must, no shortcut at all.
I was disappointed by the kind of customer services that Trust.Zone VPN offered me. The only feature that they have is an online ticket submission. As much as most of the other features were okay, this was a big blow to the company.
Despite all the downsides, still their support medium is not active 24/7. I found out that it is available only between 6 am and 4 pm GMT. What about the other times? Who should we query?
It is true that they do not store any data. Their Privacy Policy page that their goal is to maximize users’ privacy, and that their servers around the globe. This is a great deal.
It is true that they do not store any connection logs either. They requested me to refrain from any kind of illegal activities. It is a good sign of guidance.
Trust.Zone VPN did collect information when I registered for their services. Nevertheless, this was limited just to my email address. I believe the company uses it to authorize my registration and send email notifications and updates.
The fact is that Trust.Zone doesn’t support many different VPN protocols. Unlike most other leading VPN services do. To make it worse, I was able to detect DNS leaks.
Trust.Zone VPN accepted almost all major credit cards.I used, WebMoney, QIWI Wallet, Alipay, and Bitcoin in my attempt to stay anonymous and protect my payment details. It was a great deal.
Since the company is based in Seychelles. The privacy here is just wonderful. Seychelles is a country that has very few and less strict rules as far as the internet is concerned. In fact it is a country with no data retention laws or policies. It was a wonderful session.
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